Rochelle Spooner is a speech and language pathologist with over 30 years experience working with both children and adults.  She is the owner of Advanced Therapeutic Concepts, an agency providing yoga therapy for people with physical disabilities. She is also a practicing yoga therapist.  She has incorporated yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation to help adults and children with limited mobility and special needs.  Rochelle believes that the regular practice of yoga at any level can gently and profoundly impact health, concentration, and communication.

Rochelle has taught yoga in the New York metropolitan area since the early 1990s, leading biweekly classes, corporate wellness seminars, clinics, and private sessions, and has created ‘phone yoga’ for the home-bound population.  She has lectured and led yoga therapy workshops at regional institutions, including the Arthritis Foundation, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Staten Island Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Nyack Hospital, the North Jersey Developmental Center and Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital.

Ms. Spooner received her BS degree from Old Dominion College and her MA degree from Montclair State College.  She studied yoga at Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, and has a certificate in Thai massage-yoga from the Sunrise Network in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  She received her advanced training in 2003 in Evia, Greece. She has been certified as a yoga instructor by the Yoga Mountain Institute (New York), and the Yoga Alliance, an organization offering accredited certification for U.S instructors.

Rochelle’s instructional video “Yoga for People with Physical Limitations” is used as a standard for workshops by many rehabilitative organizations.

Rochelle Spooner is Swami Mommy